The QubCoin protocol is an intuitive constructor for fair distribution of tokens and airdrops

Built for the community - easy to use and rewards


Any project using the QUBCOINS platform can get its pair on Uniswap / BALANCER and other DEXs.

With the help of Farming contracts, you will be able to get primary liquidity and the first community for your project.

Fill out the form HERE (open the request form) to add a project to the platform.

Simple placement conditions:

  • - At least 2 farming pools QUB / ETH and PROJECT-TOKEN / ETH (% APY and duration the project chooses itself)
  • - 10% in the project TOKENS are sent to VAULT (fund for QUB and nQUB holders for quarterly distribution)

For projects outside the ETHEREUM ecosystem:

The QUBCOINS platform releases a Wrapped version of the Token for your project - this is the ERC 20 TOKEN native standard for the ETHEREUM network.

With the prefix W to your token name - WProjectTOKEN.

If necessary, you can use the services of a Custody Provider - to block and store part of your project's TOKENS - which significantly increases the audience's trust.

Further, the project can use the ERC 20 version of its TOKEN independently - or on the QUBCOINS platform according to the standard platform rules - by giving 10% of the tokens to VAULT

For NFT TOKENs - wrapping and trading on DEX

  • - Wrap contract+ Custody Provider applies
  • - Choosing Custody Provider
  • - Creation of liquidity pares on DEX
  • - Farming contract on the QUBCOINS platform

The QUBCOINS platform will allow its users and QUB token holders to earn passively or actively using DeFi tools.

Passive option:

Among holders of QUB and nQUB tokens, income from the platform will be distributed in the form of a QUB token that will be redeemed from the market, the ratio of rewards for token holders:

  • - 70% among holders of nQUB (preferred tokens)
  • - 30% among QUB holders (standard tokens)

Active option:

Users will be able to submit QUB to the Earn section,

further, the platform distributes funds in DeFi-approved solutions with a maximum APY of up to 20%