Governance Overview

QUB Statistics


Governance and Voting

QUB, token of the QUBCOINS protocol

QUB contract address: 0xb2d74b7a454eda300c6e633f5b593d128c0c0dcf

70% of the QUB genesis supply is distributed among members of the QUBCOINS community

For starters, QUB is available through 3 liquidity mining pools. QUB holders will be able to vote to add additional pools after 60% of QUB has been allocated.

Community-led growth

Since its inception, the QUBCOINS protocol has strived to become a reliable and highly decentralized financial infrastructure.

Inspired by the vision of Ethereum, we are committed to the ideals of permissionless access, security and immutability, all indispensable components for a future in which any person or project in the world can access financial services without fear of discrimination or counterparty risk.

Any financial statistics of the project is always transparent and open for review and audit on the ETHEREUM network and on our GitHub


  • * Voting examples (any QUB holder has the right to create a petition)
  • - Selection of a project for placement on the platform and distribution of tokens
  • - Burning part of tokens or managing commissions
  • - Selection of projects in the EARNINGS section
  • - Any ideas for improving the project
  • - Financial changes
  • - Delegation of authority